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Even if you make it through the doors of your local sex shop, or begin browsing the virtual shelves of an online retailer –
where do you even begin?

Your Ideal Sex Toy


Deciding to buy a sex toy is easy but taking the steps to do so can be much more difficult.

At Marlene, we offer a unique and tailored Personal Shopper service – that makes finding your perfect toy a whole lot easier.

Using questionnaires and old fashioned conversations, our team will learn what makes you tick and what’s missing from your sex life and help fill in the gaps.

Whether you’re new to pleasure toys or looking for a fresh approach, our team of personal shoppers are committed to not only helping you find the best sex toys

but also helping you discover the best toy for you.

Sex is so much more than a one-night stand, a rushed relation with your partner or a quick burst of passion. There is nothing wrong with those things, but we believe sex can be passionate, luxurious, and most importantly enjoyable. – Regardless of your relationship status, gender, or sexuality.

We understand orgasms and our team of personal shoppers want to help you achieve them. Our staff don’t work on a per sale basis, because for us the education is much more important – and that’s why your first consultation will always be free.


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