Helping you Find the Power to Take Back Control of your Pleasure

Sex – the “forbidden subject” – is as old as time. 

So why are we so hung up on discussing our pleasures and what goes on in our intimate relationships? 

Whether we enjoy it alone, with our partner or even with a group of friends – sex and pleasure are human nature and as natural as eating, sleeping or drinking – yet it’s the last thing we want to talk about

At Marlene we understand pleasure is sophisticated. Empowering. A central part of our
daily lives. 

And we want to shout it from the rooftops and let everyone know they can be joining the sexuality revolution movement too. 

Marlene is an inclusive and private community enabling you to explore intimacy, ask questions and experience sexual empowerment without taboo or judgement

A safe and comfortable space to discuss and discover a deeper connection with sexual pleasure, and the positive effects that can have on both physical and mental health. 

Browse our selection of luxury, high tech pleasure toys and reignite your connection with pleasure or join the community to discover sexual wellness and how it can change your day to day living. 

Unlearn Everything You Know About Sex and Rediscover Sexuality Without Shame or Stigma

For many of us sex education was an awkward anatomy lesson at school (or worse, a much more awkward conversation with our parents).

And that’s it. That is where our education and discovery of sex started and abruptly ended.

It is a “learn on the job” situation and most of us were never taught anything more than the biological and contraceptive side of what is one of the most important part of our lives.

What we’re not taught at school is how empowering sex and pleasure can be; the positive impacts it can have on our mental and physical health, as well as our overall wellbeing.

Don’t worry. We know absolutely no one wants to revisit the forensic sex education classes from school. But it doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy learning and discovery(especially when it starts in the bedroom).

A Breakthrough for Body Confidence, Sexual Health and Mental and Physical Wellness

Sex toys aren’t just for pleasure. They’re a tool that enables you to discover more about what you enjoy and how you can enjoy it. 

Sexual discovery is a journey that combines the latest in pleasure technology with an open-minded and safe community in which to discuss your pleasures, desires, and experiences when it comes to sex. 

Removing the taboo and stigma around both sex and sex toys is the biggest part of our mission at Marlene. We’re not worried about who you do (or don’t) share a bed with, your sexual preference or even what’s in your underwear. 


Because sexual enjoyment is inclusive, and pleasure is your human right

We believe everyone has the right to experience sexual empowerment. And more importantly, access to discover and rediscover sex in a private and open space. 

Most importantly, we want to normalise sex. To create a modern and open approach to the taboo as old as time. To provide an open and inclusive community, where heterosexual and LGBT members can collaborate, share and educate each other on the positives of sexual wellness. 

A New Inclusive Attitude to the World’s Oldest Pastime

Sex is as old as the first person to walk the planet and is at the very core of our survival as humans. But sex is so much more than reproductive biology. It is an essential part of most people’s lives – up there with food and shelter and what people almost always turn to in times of hardship. 

Sex toys are nothing new, in fact the oldest known sex toy is thought to be over 30,000 years old. But how they work is adapting every day and transforming the pleasure industry

Traditionally, as well as throughout the current industry, sex toys have been created for womxn, replicating CIS male genitalia. But at Marlene we understand (and we want to share with everyone) sex toys are for everyone and want to close the orgasm gap between men and women

Regardless of gender, sexuality or genitalia, the sex tech industry has transformed the market. Marlene is your bridge into discovering a new and inclusive method of understanding your own pleasure and sexual desires, and incorporating sexual wellness into your life without fear, shame, or judgement. 

Societies attitudes as a whole change often, and it is always the frontrunners who pave the way and enable change for everyone. We understand times are changing – especially when it comes to the use of animal products – and we aim to satisfy everyone’s needs whether you’re looking for leather free whips, vegan-friendly paddles or faux-leather clothing

Mission Statement

At Marlene, we’re passionate about changing the way sex is perceived and normalising conversation about sex and the feelings provoked. We created Marlene to provide people of all genders, sexualities, and backgrounds a safe and educational space. A place they could feel comfortable to discover more about sex and the education around it – without being bombarded with over sexualised or pornographic content. 

We have created an environment where singles and couples could come together to learn more about how sex and pleasure fits in with overall health. We understand sexuality and sexual wellness is not something that can be taught but is a journey of discovery. Rather than being told what we should and shouldn’t do by experts, we wanted to provide a space where real people could discuss real issues and experiences. A place where people aren’t afraid to ask for advice, embrace pleasure and empower sexuality

Behind The Brand and our brand, Marlene, was named after German-American actress Marlene Dietrich, one of the highest paid actresses of her time. The top-hat and tuxedo wearing actress was considered “before her time” regarding sexuality and breaking the rules. 

At a time when gender roles were at their strongest and sex an unmentionable activity that happens between man and wife, she challenged society’s ideas and comfort with publicised sexuality. Perhaps most famously, in 1933, Marlene wore trousers (illegal for women at the time) to Paris where she was threatened with arrest. 

Marlene was one of the first outwardly bisexual film stars of the 20’s, frequenting gay bars and drag balls in Germany before her move to the USA. Marlene also had relationships with both men and women – something that at the time was very uncommon, at least publicly, and pathed the way for future sexual wellness and acceptance in society.

It is Marlene’s drive to be her true self and unconscious teaching she shared by doing just that, that we wanted to capture and translate to our own community. Like Marlene, we want to break the rules, demolish taboos, and encourage people to be as comfortable discussing their sexual wellness as they can possibly be. 

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