Work and Pleasure: Are they are Separate as We’re Told to Keep Them?

From early adulthood we are encouraged to keep our work lives and love lives
separate. Some employers even forbid relationships amongst their employees
and we have all heard the phrase “don’t sh*t on your own doorstep’ – but what if
our work lives and love lives are more connected than we first thought?
Whilst we don’t want to recommend sleeping with your boss, breaking company
rules or risking your career or reputation by engaging in extracurricular activities
in the office – a number of different studies point towards our professional and
private lives being a lot more connected than first thought.
According to the popular online mobile dating app, Clover, your choice of career
says a lot more about your sex life, what you enjoy and how often you enjoy it,
as well as the type of relationship you look for when looking for a partner –
whether casual or serious. The study looked at the relationships of 33,000
different (US) users on their app, to determine whether or not career choices
impact our love and sex lives.
As individuals we all have different likes, dislikes and personality traits – and
sometimes the personality traits it takes to make someone “good” at their
career, is also what determines how they behave in the bedroom. According to
the data found, there is indeed a connection between the two – and whilst the
rule won’t apply to everyone and every relationship the results are definitely
interesting. Is the data correct for you and your career?
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