The 3 Worst (and Best things) about Pornography

Let’s all face it, a whole lot is going on with the internet, and pornography, whether you like (love) it or not, is one large online industry that keeps on growing. Adult entertainment in 2015 was considered to be a whopping $97 billion industry, and you can only imagine what COVID-19 has done to increase the consumption of adult media.

While plenty of people consider porn-watching habits damaging both to the viewer and the society we live in, not everyone thinks that porn is bad.

So, let’s go ahead and dive right into the pros and cons of adult entertainment.

The 3 Worst Things

1-   Porn can be addictive

While porn addiction is not an official diagnosis yet, many people have trouble craving adult media consumption and most of them are not even able to identify their situation and the problems that come with it. The Guardian explains in detail a research that suggests porn addicts experience brain changes similar to drug addicts.

This addiction is a compulsive behaviour that can harm your relationships, work, and your own well-being. It distorts reality on sexual encounters. It affects close to everything in your life. So, it is crucial to really take time and notice the little clues that porn addiction leaves behind, before things get to escalate.


2-   Abuse, racism and other social problems 

Inside an industry where “people get paid to do what they love” – as many would say, there are thousands of unfortunate events of abuse, racism, drugs, and alcohol that happen each day. Because of what we see – a camera POV controlled by the industry, we all fail to acknowledge the shady affairs inside a legal business model.

Here’s a raw testimonial:

“It was the most degrading, embarrassing, horrible thing ever. I had to shoot an interactive DVD, which takes hours and hours of shooting time, with a 40-degree fever! I was crying and wanted to leave but my agent wouldn’t let me, he said he couldn’t let me flake on it. I also did a scene where I was put with male talent that was on my ‘no list’. I wanted to please them so I did it. He stepped on my head […] I freaked out and started bawling; they stopped filming and sent me home with reduced pay since they got some shot but not the whole scene.”

Jessi – Ex-performer

3-   Sexual health and relationships

But the most problematic side-effect of the pornography created by the billion-dollar industry is for sure the way it has helped throughout the years and decades the slow distortion of the image of what sex should be.

Many porn-viewers have forever changed their relationship with sex, by encouraging practices that only “feel good” for the camera, but fail to do so in bed. Many more porn-viewers have learned about sex not through quality education, but from non-realistic “porn moves”, creating these high expectations about sexual encounters that quickly disappoint. Even more porn-viewers now have problems reaching an orgasm – or reach it prematurely.

The 3 Best Things

1-   People are less repressed about sex

Porn-viewers are getting more and more open-minded about sex, self-pleasure and overall sexual freedom. Pornography has excited in people true sexual desires that pushes them to learn and discover more about their bodies, their partner’s bodies and overall sexual wellness. In fact, porn has helped many couples reignite their sex life and care more about each other’s needs. Because of this, porn for decades has been a crucial factor in the faster sexual development of society.

2-   Consumers are more tolerant to people’s sexualities

The variety of media produced by the porn industry is vast. There exist millions of porn categories that play with (almost) every single human sexual desire. Because of this colourful production, people of many sexualities find themselves seen, and they get to understand all human pleasure. Through pornography, many sexual desires are now normal and free of stigma. Through pornography, people are now free to be themselves, expressive and unapologetic.

3-   New ways of pleasure are being discovered

With pornography, there is no limit to the imagination. Porn consumers literary find themselves in whole new worlds. Worlds where they can discover more about pleasure, more about what they truly like, more of what to do with their bodies.

And since often porn and masturbation go hand-in-hand, regular porn viewers know how to please themselves. They know their bodies’ “weakest points” and take advantage of that to generate pleasure, independent of the outside world.

So, What’s the takeaway?

So, if you are still thinking of watching porn, just make sure you don’t over-consume! Other than that, enjoy yourself; grab a screen, play a video, take your favourite toy from the nightstand, and set your body free of unnecessary stigma, and full of pure sexual pleasure.

And if you are missing a toy in this pleasure equation, we are here to help!

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